Pathway to Camp II of Everest Opened   

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Pathway to Camp II of Everest Opened   

April 10: The pathway to Camp II of Mt Everest has been opened for the spring season. A team of icefall doctors, tasked with building the pathway to the world's highest peak, Mt Everest, has cleared the route from the base camp to the Camp II. According to the Mount Everest Pollution Control Committee (SPCC), six icefall doctors are currently working on installing signals, stairs, and ropes.    
The climbers have now already left for Camp II after the pathway was cleared by the icefall doctors, said SPCC vice-president Lama Kaji Sherpa. In order to acclimatize, the climbers have to go from the base camp to the camp II and return.    
Sherpa said that 15 stairs have been used from the base camp to the Camp II this time. Earlier, 32 were used in 2018, but only 20 in 2019 BS. The pathway to Camp II is also used to climb Lhotse and Nuptse mountains.    
With the onset of the tourist season, the number of foreign tourists visiting Khumbu in the Everest region has increased. Khum Prasad Poudal, an employee of the Lukla branch of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, said that the flights to the Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla have increased.    
 Up to 45 flights by helicopters and 35 flights by different airlines is taking place daily in Lukla these days. He said that as many as 266 tourists arrive in Khumbu by 14 aircraft and 225 tourists via 45 helicopter on Friday. -- RSS    


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