Muktinath Bikas Bank opens 32 branch offices at once

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Muktinath Bikas Bank opens 32 branch offices at once

January 4: Muktinath Bikas Bank has entered its 16th year of operation. On the occasion of its anniversary, the bank inaugurated 32 branch offices at once from the central office digitally.

The bank has added four branches in Province 1, three branches in Province 2, thirteen branches in Bagmati Province, two branches in Gandaki Province, five branches in Lumbini Province and two branches in Far-Western Province. The chairperson of the bank, Bharatraj Dhakal inaugurated the new branch offices.

Chairperson Dhakal informed that Muktinath Bikas Bank has been providing modern banking facilities alongside contributing to the economy of the country through different financial and non-financial services. Current directors, former directors, founding shareholders and senior officials of the bank, and branch managers were present at the inauguration ceremony.

The bank informed that it organized various programs under corporate social responsibilities in the regional and branch offices of all the seven states. The bank distributed stationery and furniture to schools, food and clothes to various orphanages and old age homes, dustbin to various places, and conducted financial literacy and digital banking literacy programs.

The bank stated that the regional offices and central offices organized blood donation programs on the occasion. To encourage digital transactions, the bank's ATM card can be used to withdraw money free of charge from any other bank's ATM connected to the Visa network across Nepal.


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