Nepal Insurance Company launches ‘Nepal Kai Number 1’ Campaign

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Nepal Insurance Company launches ‘Nepal Kai Number 1’ Campaign

December 22: Nepal Life Insurance Company has launched the campaign ‘Nepal Kai Number 1’ claiming the company to be the number one in the sector of life insurance. The company has claimed that the majority of indicators have proven Nepal Life Insurance to be the best in the insurance sector.

According to the company, till the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2078/79, it has the highest life insurance fund of Rs 118.76 billion, the highest number of issued insurance premiums of Rs 2.98 million, the highest claim payment of Rs 40.50 billion and the highest paid-up capital of Rs 7.19 billion.

Sushil Kumar Chaudhary, the acting chief executive officer of the company said that the 'Nepal Kai Number 1' campaign has been launched from December 21 to raise awareness among the people about the importance of life insurance.

Acting CEO Chaudhary said, “We want to spread awareness among the general public about the importance and necessity of life insurance. We want everyone to know and see the benefits that life insurance provides for ensuring the future of themselves and those associated with them.”

Chaudhary hoped that the initiated campaign would win the trust of all.


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