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Hami Nepal Pledges to Maintain Transparency through its Website

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Hami Nepal Pledges to Maintain Transparency through its Website

December 21: Hami Nepal, a youth-led non-profit organization, on Monday launched its website with the aim of maintaining transparency of the donated funds and all the expenses of the organization. According to a statement issued by Hami Nepal, the website was launched on the occasion of the first AGM of the organisation held at Hotel Badagaon in Bhaktapur.

The statement further said that the main objective of the AGM was to pay respect to its volunteers and all the well-wishers who have been supporting them since their establishment in 2015.

President of the organization Sudan Gurung said that the purpose of the organization is to have a positive impact on society by “changing how we think about others and how we connect – changes that are more important than ever. Our group also serves as a voice for those who have no one else to speak for them.”

Gurung, on behalf of his entire team, expressed gratitude to all the donors and volunteers from all over the world who have shown endless support and love to make their vision a success.

 “We believe that the website will help build more trust in our organization as it is a verifying platform for all the donors to keep track of their donations. It will also connect donors and the recipients directly,” said Gurung, adding,  “Furthermore, the website will be a transparent platform where donors can check the status of past and ongoing projects.

On the occasion, Hami Nepal honored the guests including Dr Sanduk Ruit  (Chairman of Barbara Foundation), Deepak Bhatta (Chairman of Infinity Holdings), Upendra Hirawat (Director of Infinity Holdings), Sulav Agrawal (Vice Chairman of Shankar Group), Sahil Agrawal (Managing Director of Shanker Group), who have continuously helped the organization to reach its goals of selflessly serving the needy.


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