Unilever and Maiti Nepal Collaborate to Support Victims of Human Trafficking

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Unilever and Maiti Nepal Collaborate to Support Victims of Human Trafficking

December 8: Unilever Nepal Limited and Maiti Nepal have announced collaboration to create employment opportunities for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence in the country. The collaboration aims to enhance their social, economic and legal capacity by providing the victims, especially women, with adequate training.

The main aim of this collaboration is to provide opportunities to generate sustainable income for targeted women. Training programs for women will be conducted under the guidance of experts for running beauty parlors as well as for excavator operation and sales training. As per the agreement, arrangements have been made for the trainee women to stay at the Rehabilitation Center of Maiti Nepal during the training period.

Both organizations believe that women’s employment will improve their living standards along with their families and communities. The training program was inaugurated by Anuradha Koirala, the chairperson of Maiti Nepal and Amlan Mukherjee, the managing director of Unilever Nepal.

“Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the society, more than what we have received from the society. We encourage women for a long term sustainable journey by providing them necessary skills for the future. It will contribute to building a socially inclusive world. We will continue to serve the community through similar initiatives in future as well,” said Mukherjee.



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