‘Made in Nepal Expo and Food Festival’ in February

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‘Made in Nepal Expo and Food Festival’ in February

December 2: The ‘Made in Nepal Expo and Food Fest’ is set to be organized in Birgunj in February.

It is the first time that such an expo is getting organized in collaboration between the Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF), Birgunj and New Business Age. NYEF informed about the expo during a press conference in Birgunj on Wednesday. The expo is scheduled to be organized from 24th to 27th of February, 2022.

Anup Agrawal, the president of NYEF, said that the expo would be organized at an open space located at the old buspark of Adarshanagar, Birgunj. The organizers have said that there would be 130 stalls set up for the encouragement of production and promotion of domestic industries. The exhibition will showcase domestically produced industrial products, services businesses, home-made and handicraft products, technology, local art and culture, literature, local food items and more.

As per the organizers, stall booking for the expo has started and special facilities will be provided at the stall for women and entrepreneurs who are differently abled. President Agrawal said that the exhibition is being organized with the aim of supporting the objective of financial development of the country through the exchange of experience among Nepali entrepreneurs.

“The exhibition is being organized as part of a campaign to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship and establish enterprise trade as the backbone of the country's economic development with new and innovative thinking and research,” reads the statement issued by the organisers.

The organizers have informed that training, branding, workshops and other programmes on entrepreneurship and innovation will also be conducted during the exhibition. The organizers believe that the exhibition will be effective in providing opportunities for the study and research for developing entrepreneurship, encouraging the application of theoretical knowledge in practice, and in initiating solutions to policy and procedural hurdles in the enterprise and business sector.

This large scale exhibition is being organized for the promotion of domestically produced goods and services using Nepali labor, skills and knowledge from the raw resources and means available in the country itself. “This will make a significant contribution to building a self-reliant economy,” expressed President Agrawal.

According to the organisers, interviews will be held between the producers of goods and services and the consumers in the exhibition and that the consumers will get information about the indigenous products. The organizers also claimed that the exhibition will help in the economic development of the country through the promotion of indigenous goods and services while exploring new investment possibilities.






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