Energy Minister vows to Supply Electricity to Industries as Required 

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Energy Minister vows to Supply Electricity to Industries as Required 

October 11: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal has expressed her commitment to provide electricity as per the demand to industries and transportation sector as soon as possible. Nepal's transport sector and industries have not yet been able to get electricity as per the demand, admitted Minister Bhusal.

Addressing a programme organized by Mahalakshmi Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lalitpur on October 10, she said that the transport entrepreneurs and industrialists will get the required energy in the coming days. Minister Bhusal has said that electricity will be provided to those sectors by constructing the necessary infrastructure. Those sectors have not been able to get electricity as demanded due to the lack of infrastructure like transmission lines, she added. 

Minister Bhusal said that the process of reducing the electricity tariff is in progress.

"We have already started the process of reducing electricity tariff through the concerned agencies. We are reducing tariff for domestic purposes. Now it is cheaper to cook on electric stoves than on LP gas,” she said. She added that hydropower should be used not only in kitchens but everywhere.

She urged one and all to use an electric stove to replace cooking  gas bought from abroad. 

"Let's continue to build structures to use electric stoves and make maximum use of our country's hydropower," she said.

Minister Bhusal added that the country should move ahead towards the use of hydropower by displacing other sources of energy. “The basis of social and economic transformation is the availability of energy, roads, and drinking water,” she stated.

“In this situation, it is time to increase the use of hydropower by displacing all kinds of energy sources,” Minister Bhusal added.


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