Number of People Leaving Kathmandu Valley for Dashain Increasing   

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Number of People Leaving Kathmandu Valley for Dashain Increasing   

October 10: The number of people leaving the Kathmandu Valley to celebrate Dashain, the greatest festival of Hindus in Nepal, has started increasing. The number of travellers entering and leaving the valley from October 1 to 7 was almost equal. At present, the number of outbound passengers is increasing, according to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division.    
So far, more than 100,000 people have officially left Kathmandu, as per the police record. Chief of the Division, Senior Superintendent of Police, Janak Bhattarai, said that the number of outbound passengers was gradually increasing and that the number would increase after the start of public holiday on Tuesday (October 12).    
Until September 30, the average number of people entering the valley was 42,226 and the number of people leaving Kathmandu was 41,484. After that, the pressure of outbound passengers has increased. The number of outbound passengers had increased to 43,439 from 38,749 on September 30. After that, the number of outbound passengers has been gradually increasing.    
On October 7, a total  of 45,362 passengers left Kathmandu in 7,814 vehicles. According to the statistics provided by the Division, 32,984 passengers had entered the valley in 6,778 vehicles on Friday (October 8). On the same day, about 52,000 passengers left the valley in 7,315 vehicles.    
Police Inspector Jitesh Dahal shared that the trend of reserving small vehicles with friends or family and going home has increased this time.    
This time, advance ticket sales for the passenger bus was opened on September 25. Even now, the pressure of passengers to buy tickets online or in person is high. Police have set up passenger help desks at the main intersections of the Kathmandu Valley.    
The Nepal Police has implemented special security plan in all 77 districts to monitor the festival and maintain law and order as it can reduce theft and criminal activities.    
Nepal Police Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Basanta Bahadur Kunwar said that the police have been deployed in plain clothes as well to control fraud, black marketing, theft and other criminal activities.    
Meanwhile, the Police Headquarters has requested all to be careful during the festival and contact the nearest police office in case of any problem. -- RSS

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