207 Pickpockets Nabbed ahead of Festivals in Kathmandu   

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207 Pickpockets Nabbed ahead of Festivals in Kathmandu   

October 5: Police have arrested a total of 207 persons from the Kathmandu Valley on charge of theft and pickpocket.    
The Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu held the pickpockets from different parts of the valley under its campaign initiated against robbery and pick-pocketing ahead of the festivals.    
Chief of the Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ashok Singh, said in a press conference on October 4 that the pick-pockets were arrested from public vehicles, shopping malls and main market areas for their alleged involvement in the pickpocket in the past 20 days.    
He said that the pickpockets were held red-handed by the police personnel deployed in plain clothes while stealing cash, mobile phones, jewelries and other goods.    
Of the 207 arrestees, investigations have been initiated against 161 while 46 others have been sent to the custody after completing the investigation process.    
SSP Singh said that police personnel were deployed in public vehicles in collaboration with the transport entrepreneurs. Police have also stated that the burglars were found to communicate in code language to rob people in public vehicles.  -- RSS 

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