Hoteliers Elated with On-Arrival Visa for Tourists   

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Hoteliers Elated with On-Arrival Visa for Tourists   

September 27: The hotel industry of the country has expressed its delight to the government’s decision to issue on-arrival visa to international tourists.    
Issuing a press statement on the eve of the World Tourism Day on Sunday, the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) praised the government scheme to provide on-arrival visa to tourists, which the HAN said, would encourage the country's already paralyzed tourism industry.    
The HAN has committed to resuming all services fully after the government decision to reopen the international borders and to remove the provision of quarantine facility for the tourists.    
With the government's decision, the fully inoculated tourists won't have to stay in quarantine.    
Similarly, the business community has urged the government to take prompt move to delist Nepal from the 'red zone' in the international level as more than 40 per cent Nepalis have already received the first and second doses of vaccine against COVID-19.    
The HAN has also asked the government to revive the country's tourism activities by providing one-month-long visa for free to the international tourists and implement the 10-day tour package to the government officials announced by the government. -- RSS    


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