Guna Airlines Back to its Old Brand after 8 Years

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Guna Airlines Back to its Old Brand after 8 Years

September 17: Guna Airlines has resumed operation using its original brand. The private airline company has added five new aircraft to its fleet with an investment of over Rs 1 billion. It has officially started regular flights from September 17.

Gun Airlines was established in 2009 and was acquired by Simrik Airlines in 2013 due to financial problems. This caused the removal of the brand ‘Guna’.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company BK Shrestha said that only the brand of ‘Guna’ was not used.

"Now, the company is going to continue air service by re-using the old brand," said Shrestha, adding, “Flights are starting from today for two routes - Kathmandu-Bharatpur and Kathmandu-Pokhara.”

Guna Airlines has acquired two out of four aircraft operated by Simrik Airlines.

Shrestha informed that the two remaining aircraft were provided to another company.

Shrestha further said that the company will be providing services with seven aircraft, including five purchased from Yeti Airlines.

The company currently owns five Jet Stream and two Beechcraft.

Beechcraft has a seating capacity of 18 and Jet Stream has a seating capacity of 29.

Returning to the old brand after purchasing five aircraft, Guna Airlines is planning to gradually expand its service on trunk route by making Kathmandu its base before the Dashain festival. Guna Airlines will operate under the Guna Group led by businessman Rajendra Shakya.




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