Dhaka Producer Feted

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Dhaka Producer Feted

September 16: In order to encourage small and cottage industries, Chaubise Samaj Dharan has started the tradition of honoring entrepreneurs working in this field. Chaubise Samaj has honored Yamuna Sanyak, an entrepreneur who has been running Dhaka industry in Dharan for a long time.

Sanyak was honored on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the organization for promoting the traditional culture by operating the Dhaka industry.

Sanyak, who has been running Chaubise Sanyak Dhaka Industry in Dharan for the past four years, said that the honor has encouraged her to strive better.

 “This honor has energised me and encouraged me to work more actively in the entrepreneurship sector. I am very happy to be honored and I also want to thank the organization for honoring me.”

Her industry employs more than 100 women directly and indirectly. She has been exporting original Nepali dhaka clothes to about one and a half dozen countries outside Nepal. She is also active in business as well as social service.


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