Foreign Trade from Birgunj Customs Hits Rs 600 Billion Mark

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Foreign Trade from Birgunj Customs Hits Rs 600 Billion Mark

July 22: Foreign trade worth Rs 600 billion took place through Birgunj customs in the last fiscal year 2077/78. Birgunj Integrated Check Post (ICP) and dry port customs accounted for Rs 593 billion in foreign trade last year.

According to the data of ICP customs, goods worth Rs 513 billion were imported and goods worth Rs 53 billion were exported during the review period. Similarly, the goods worth Rs 26.16 billion were imported from the dry port customs last fiscal year. As per the custom office, goods amounting Rs 380 million were exported through this custom.

The total trade from Birgunj customs has increased by 27 percent last year as compared to the previous fiscal year 2076/77. The customs data shows that while the size of imports increased by 24 percent, export has also increased by 66 percent.

Harihar Poudel, chief customs officer of Birgunj Customs, said that soybean and sunflower oil were the main contributors to the export trade.

“Last year, imports of fuel and vehicles did not decline, but imports of other commodities declined sharply due to the impact of Covid-19,” said Poudel.

Customs officials say that the ban imposed to control the pandemic has affected the foreign trade and the import of fuel has increased as vehicles started running towards the end of the year.

According to the customs data, new vehicle inspection passes have increased in the recent months. Poudel said that the import of shoes, slippers, hardware, equipment and vehicle parts has declined.

Chudamani Sharma Kattel, information officer at the customs office said that the importers imported raw materials for iron industry, peas, alcoholic beverage, mustard, pepper, and semi-processed sunflower oil from the dry port last year. Likewise, he said goods like noodles, pickles, flour, tyres, leather, herbs and other items were exported. 


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