Nepal Railway in Final Stage of Preparations for Operation its Trains

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Nepal Railway in Final Stage of Preparations for Operation its Trains

April 21: The Nepal Railway Company has stated that the preparations for operating its trains have reached the final stage. The train engines purchase by the company is in parking lot since the last seven months. Guru Bhattarai, general manager of the company, informed that the company is preparing to bring the trains into operation within April.
General Manager Bhattarai said that 100 employees and technicians are getting training to operate the trains. According to him, officials of the Konkan Railway Corporation of India have already arrived in Janakpur for the training.
The company is managing the staff and technicians after the recruitment process of the Public Service Commission was canceled. The company had earlier announced vacancy for 129 employees on a contract basis on September 20.
According to General Manager Bhattarai, the training will last for two weeks. However, the date for operating the trains has been repeatedly pushed back.
Bhattarai said that the company is preparing to operate the train within April. However, there is still confusion as coronavirus infection is on the rise again. "There may be delays due to coronavirus, but preparations for the operation of the trains have reached the final stage," he said.
Nepal had purchased two trains with five coaches from the Indian Konkan Railway Corporation Company for Rs 856.5 million exclusives of the customs duties.
The Jayanagar-Janakpur-Bardiwas railway line under construction with the assistance of the Government of India is 69 kilometers long. In the first phase, the train will run along the 34 km section of Jayanagar-Janakpur route.

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