Melamchi Project Starts Distributing Water at Full Capacity

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Melamchi Project Starts Distributing Water at Full Capacity

April 20: The Melamachi Water Supply Project (MWSP) has finally started distributing water at full capacity of 170 million liters per day in the Kathmandu Valley from Monday. This is the first time in three weeks since the distribution of water from Melamchi that the project has started distributing at full capacity.

Issuing a press release, Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee (MDWDC) informed that water from Sundarijal has come to Kathmandu at full capacity. Although the distribution of water begun from March 28, the distribution of water started at full capacity only from April 19. 

From now on, 250 million liters of water will be distributed daily in the Kathmandu Valley. Apart from 170 million liters of water from Melamchi, the project has been producing 80 million liters of water internally through deep tube well.

During the testing phase, the project had distributed 80 million liters of water which was gradually increased by operating both of the water processing centers in Sundarijal.

Melamchi water had arrived in Sundarijal on February 22 during the test phase. The water was processed in Sundarijal and was available for distribution partially.

The MWSP expects to end the acute water shortage problem of the valley.



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