Lawmakers Stress Tourism-Friendly Law, Infrastructures

Nepal witnessed 80 percent slump in arrival of tourists due to coronavirus: NTB

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Lawmakers Stress Tourism-Friendly Law, Infrastructures

April 16: Parliamentarians have underscored the need to conduct policy reform and promotion of tourism in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Development of tourism is imperative to boost national economy, the state-owned national news agency RSS quoted them as saying during a panel discussion in Lower House on April 15.

Speaking at the meeting of the International Relations Committee of parliament, most of the lawmakers viewed tourism as a sector to earn foreign currency, and therefore stressed on tourism-friendly policy and strategies for the country's development. The infrastructures are equally important, they added.    
The line ministry was made aware that it could ensure autonomy to Nepal Tourism Board and mobilize it in full scale.    
According to RSS, lawmaker Dibya Mani Rajbhandari suggested easing one-door system of tourism service. Lawmakers Renu Gurung and Pushpa Bhushal viewed that the government could prioritize the areas that bring in more income with maximum employment in tourism.    
Naradmuni Rana was of the view that foreign tourists need to follow health protocol compulsorily.    
Pushpa Kumar Kayastha, Chandtara Kumari and others recommended the adoption of promotional strategies to bring in maximum tourists from India and China.    
At the meeting, Chief Executive of Nepal Tourism Board, Dr Dhananjay Regmi, made a presentation on 'Current Tourism: Opportunity and Challenges' and demanded adequate budget and tourism-friendly law to make tourism dynamic in the wake of Covid-19.    
According to RSS, Regmi shared the information that Nepal witnessed 80 percent slump in arrival of tourists due to coronavirus. So, tourism sector would take time for revival, Dr Regmi added, highlighting the need of strategic work plan to boost domestic tourism.    


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