10 megawatts of Solar Power Added to Nat'l Grid

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10 megawatts of Solar Power Added to Nat'l Grid

March 3: The country's largest solar plant being constructed in Nuwakot district has generated 10 more megawatt of power, state-owned national news agency RSS reported.

According to RSS, the project with capacity of 25-megawatt plant had produced 1.25 megawatt power some eight months ago. Chief of the project Bikash Raghubansi reportedly informed that 8.75 megawatt of solar power was generated recently and was linked to the national power grid after a successful test transmission.

Of the seven blocks of the project, power is now generated from two of the solar panels and is connected to the national transmission line through the national grid of Devighat Hydropower Centre, RSS further reported.    
The project said that five more megawatts of solar power would be generated within some days.    
For the power generation, construction works are moving ahead smoothly including installation of panels and clearing the site.    
Likewise, Project Chief Raghubansi has committed to completing the entire project in coming six months.    
The project is being developed with the joint investment of Government of Nepal and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). Likewise, the project has received $ 30.8 million in loan assistance from the World Bank under the Grid Solar and Energy Efficiency Programme.

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