General Post Office Introduces Google Plus Codes Service

General Post Office starts delivery of letters and parcels to recepients in the addresses they generate on Google Plus Codes

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General Post Office Introduces Google Plus Codes Service

Rebati Adhikari

February 26: The General Post Office has introduced Google Plus Codes, a feature of Google Maps to increase efficiency of letter and parcel delivery.  The Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC) has approved the ‘Google Plus Codes Standard Operating Procedures 2077’ upon the  recommendation of the General Post Office.

The Google Plus Codes are simply the addresses generated by Google to search and share location. To get the Plus Code of a user’s location, he/she simply needs to tap on the blue dot of his/her location, then a blue page pops up with Plus Code comprising of about six letters and numbers, along with the name of the place, says, Pradyumna Prasad Upadhyay, Chief Post Master of the General Post Office (GPO).

Meanwhile to get the Plus Code of other locations, users need to search the address in Google Maps, tap on the red dot and a page appears below with all the information. Users can get the plus code with dotted plus (+) sign.

The postal service of the county has been reeling under problems of non delivery of letters due to lack of accurate address, which makes the entire process lengthy and full of hassles. With Google Plus Codes, both the post office and the service seekers are expected to get rid of these troubles.

“The General Post Office of Dillibzar is carrying out a pilot test of this service in Kathmandu in the first phase. We have already delivered a letter received from outside the valley to Kalanki yesterday with the Plus Codes,” Upadhyay said.

He urged all the service seekers to generate their Plus Codes at the exact point where they want to get their deliveries.

The GPO has already carried out orientation programme regarding the new service to its employees in Kathmandu. The GPO plans to collaborate with local units to implement this service. Upadhyay said that they plan to write a letter to all local governments to get their help on asking every household to have its own Plus Code and display it on the gate. To inform service seekers about this service, GPO also plans to launch audio-visual promotional campaigns through mass media.

Google Plus Codes Standard Operating Procedures 2077 states that all other public service providers like ecommerce platforms, banking institutions and ambulances can also use Plus Codes for their service efficiency.




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