Government to Bring Social Security Schemes Under One-Door System

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Government to Bring Social Security Schemes Under One-Door System

February 26: The government is preparing to bring all social security programmes under one-door system. The National Planning Commission (NPC) has sent a draft of the ‘Integrated National Social Security Plan’ to the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers for approval.

A team led by NPC member Ramkumar Phuyal had conducted a detailed study of all social security programmes and groups benefitted from those schemes.

“The team reached a conclusion to bring all the programs under one-door system and the proposal related to it has been sent to the Cabinet,” said Phuyal. Currently, a dozen programmes related to social security are running. “This proposal has been prepared to bring uniformity in all those programmes,” Phuyal said, adding, “It will be implemented after the Cabinet approves it.”

The study found that the government allocates 13 percent of the total budget for social security programmes. Altogether 24 percent of the population has been benefitted by this program.  The 15th year plan of the NPC aims to expand the reach of  social security schemes to 60 percent of the population so it is necessary to bring all those social security plans under one-door policy.

Although the government plans to expand social security programs to 60 percent of the population, it can’t increase the size of the budget and therefore proper management of social security programmes is a must.

The Integrated National Social Security Plan prepared by the NPC plans to stop providing facility to people who have been getting double benefits from social security schemes and include people who are deprived from it.

“Currently, some targeted groups are deprived from these benefits while the privileged groups are getting access to it. We have prepared the plan to end this trend and provide facility based on contribution,” added Phuyal.

The government is spending huge amount of money in social security schemes under 80 various subheadings.

A separate report prepared by the Public Expenditure Review Commission had also concluded that provisions made for social security programs are not easily accessible. It had recommended the government to integrate all those programs and prevent misuse of funds.


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