Tourism Ministry Allocates Signs to Hotels Based on their Category

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Tourism Ministry Allocates Signs to Hotels Based on their Category

February 19: The Tourism Ministry has decided to categorize hotels in accordance to their standard. As per the decision, hotels and resorts have to keep a sign at their entrances denoting their category based on their standard of service.  
According to a press statement issued by the ministry, the government has determined the star signs of hotels and resorts. Hotels need to place a brass plate at their entrance, crafted with the Nepal Government’s official emblem, with black horizontal lines and red stars denoting the category of the service offered at the hotel, and it must also include the hotel’s name.
The hotels have been categorized from one-star to five-star hotels.

In the case of hotels that have been classified as tourist hotels by the Department of Tourism and its subordinate offices in the past, the sign TS written in red has to be kept at the entrance.
The government has determined the letter M for motels.

Likewise, tourists Inns have to use the letter I written in red as their sign, while bread and breakfast have to use B&B written in red colour as their sign.
Resorts of all levels, star hotels, and boutique hotels of all levels should have a signboard at the entrance of the hotel/resort with a specified number of star signs in the size specified by the concerned local levels.
Hotels/resorts that are members of Hotel Association Nepal or a joint organization of hoteliers also have to place the symbol of their associated organization on the plate.

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