WorldLink to Build Data Centres in All 7 Provinces

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WorldLink to Build Data Centres in All 7 Provinces

February 2: WorldLink has announced to build Internet Data Centres (IDCs) in 14 major towns of Nepal, including one each in every province of the country. The internet service provider said that the IDCs are being set up to support the government’s vision of ‘Digital Nepal’ and to provide better experience to its customers at a time when the internet traffic is “increasing” at an unprecedented pace.

“The growth of Internet traffic worldwide is increasing at an unprecedented pace putting pressure on the Internet infrastructure and worsening user experience and internet speed,” said WorldLink in a statement, adding, “For better Internet experience therefore, there is a need to have servers locally, to store the content as near as possible to the users.”

According to the company, Nepal is also witnessing exponential growth in internet traffic with robust growth in the use of digital services. The company added that the government and private sector organizations have to quickly adapt to advanced digital technologies and move to cloud services at a higher pace than anticipated before.

Therefore, the company said it decided to set up the data centres across the country to meet this requirement.

Out of the proposed 14 data centres, the Kathmandu data centre will be the largest and internationally accredited, adds the statement.

 “All the data centres will be with carrier neutral, meaning this facility will not only facilitate WorldLink’s infrastructure but will also facilitate other ISPs, Telecoms, government and private organizations for the entire Nepal ICT infrastructure.”

WorldLink stated that the company is planning to invest around Rs 3000 millin over the next three years to build these data centers.

“Our motive is to give quality internet service to our customers and help in building a Digital Nepal. With these DC facilities everyone will get internet content faster, cheaper and at a more reliable mode,” added the statement.


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