Udaypur Cement Factory Resumes Regular Production

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Udaypur Cement Factory Resumes Regular Production

January 26: Udaypur Cement Factory has started regular production of cement in almost ten months. Production of cement had been obstructed due to coronavirus as well as lack of raw materials.

The factory had halted most of the production as it was without a general manager during this period.

Newly-appointed General Manager Gopi Krishna Neupane informed New Business Age that he has emphasized on regular production rather than increasing production capacity at the moment.

“The cement production at the factory was zero before I took charge,” Neupane said, adding, “The process to resolve problems related to staff, management as well as remuneration has been initiated.”

He said that the issue of wage has been managed for the time being using the factory’s internal funds at a time when the sales and income of the industry have declined. However, Neupane informed that electricity tariff and revenue of Rs 500 million will be paid after they start full-fledged production.

Udaypur Cement Factory has started selling 8,000 bags of cement per day, including the stock.

The factory, which started production on Sunday, will now produce 12,000 sacks or 600 tonnes of cement on a daily basis. The daily production capacity of the cement factory is 16,000 sacks or 800 tons. The price of cement is Rs 741 per sack.



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