Government Seeking Funds to Purchase Covid-19 Vaccine

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Government Seeking Funds to Purchase Covid-19 Vaccine

January 14: The government is seeking funds to procure vaccine against Covid-19. The government has pledged to avail the vaccine free-of-cost to the citizens on need basis and is therefor making attempts to raise funds for the purchase of the vaccine.

The government had set up a fund last year in its effort to prevent and control Covid-19 as well as to treat the patients infected with the disease.

Although the private sector and various agencies provided significant support by contributing generously to the fund in the initial stage, the process of fund collection has started to slow down. The Financial Comptroller General’s Office estimates that around Rs 2.9 billion has been deposited in the fund so far. The government has already spent Rs 2.44 billion from the fund.

As this fund was primarily set up for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19, the health ministry has established a new fund to seek support for the purchase of vaccine.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population Dr Jaageshwar Gautam informed that the government alone cannot manage the budget for procuring vaccine against Covid-19 and has therefore urged domestic and foreign donor agencies to contribute to the fund.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on November 9 had given the permission to the health ministry to purchase the vaccine.

According to Spokesperson Gautam, the government will provide the vaccine free-of cost to the targeted groups on the basis of need and priority.

Gautam expressed his belief that the vaccine would protect the lives of the people to a large extent and would also bring back the battered economy on track. He further said that the government is preparing to purchase the vaccine as soon as it is available in the international market.


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