Settle Covid-19 Insurance Claims within 3 Days: Finance Ministry

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Settle Covid-19 Insurance Claims within 3 Days: Finance Ministry

December 4: The Ministry of Finance has directed the Insurance Board to facilitate in settlement of claims related to coronavirus within three days.

The finance ministry reportedly issued a fresh call to the Insurance Board following complaints that the beneficiaries were not receiving compensation or were facing hassles despite the government’s clear instructions to release the amount to those who meet all the criteria.


Earlier on November 3, the finance ministry had instructed the board to settle such claims within seven days.

The ministry noted that only a handful of cases have been settled so far and the board has also failed to present daily progress report to the ministry regularly.

According to the state-run national news agency (RSS), the ministry has instructed the board to ensure that the applicants who fulfill all the criteria related to coronavirus insurance claims must receive the compensation amount within three days and the report must be submitted to the ministry on a daily basis.


The ministry has also directed the concerned authorities to complete the verification process as soon as possible, RSS reported.

The board has also been directed to publish the details related to coronavirus insurance including the verifications done so far, number of claims settle till date, related documents, false claims among others.




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