Price of Construction Materials Increasing

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Price of Construction Materials Increasing

December 3: The prices of most of the construction materials have increased since the beginning of the construction season. Apart from cement, prices of sand and iron rods have also increased. Prices of these construction materials have risen sharply as the government has banned illegal extraction of sand and the prices of iron rods and billets have increased in the international market. However, the price of cement has remained the same.

In Nepal, the time from November to May is considered as the peak season for infrastructure construction. However, construction entrepreneurs are worried about the rise in prices of essential construction materials at the beginning of the season. President of the Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal (FCAN), Ravi Singh, said that the construction sector is facing problems from every aspect at present.

"The government's decision to ban illegal excavations has led to a shortage of sand in the market," Singh said, adding, “Although these materials are available, they are highly expensive.” He said that the demand for sand is high at this time but the shortage is already evident. Construction entrepreneurs have accused middlemen  of arbitrarily increasing the price of goods.



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