Finance Minister Pledges to Cooperate with Private Sector

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Finance Minister Pledges to Cooperate with Private Sector

December 3: Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel pledge to work in collaboration with the private sector while extending his greetings to the newly elected members of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI).

During a meeting with the finance minister on Wednesday (December 2), FNCCI President Shekhar Golchha said that they have loads of work to do for the revival of economy and are making preparations to meet the challenges.

He further said that the FNCCI is making preparations to document a vision for Nepal based on successful models of various countries with the support from international organisations.

The FNCCI is also preparing to present a set of recommendations to the government for the revival of economy after a research involving experts.

Golchha informed that several recommendations made by the FNCCI have been included in the monetary policy of the government but the implementation for the welfare of small industries at the local levels has not been possible due to non-cooperation from commercial banks. He also urged the finance minister to implement the provisions of the monetary policy without any change.

Golchha also requested the finance minister to bring stimulus package targeting small enterprises.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Finance Minister Poudel pledged to keep the morale of the private sector high and said that the support from private sector was vital to revive the economy that has been badly affected by coronavirus pandemic. He also assured the members of FNCCI that the provisions of monetary policy and the budget will be effectively implemented.

Finance Minister Poudel said that he will address the complaints and remove the obstacles in implementing the policies and programmes of the government as per the monetary policy and budget announcement.

He also urged the private sector not to doubt the intentions of the government towards them and assured that the government views the private sector in a positive manner.

“Private sector has played a vital role in generating employment opportunities and attaining economic growth,” said Minister Poudel, adding, “We have realized the importance of private sector and therefore we are ready to collaborate with the private sector.”


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