Government Starts Collecting Details of Public Properties

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Government Starts Collecting Details of Public Properties

November 26: The government has collected property details worth Rs 41 billion of 2,300 government bodies.

The Financial Comptroller General’s Office, which looks after the government’s income and expenditure, was assigned the duty to collect property details of government units. The office is now preparing to keep the records in electronic medium.

Although the details of public property were kept separately by various bodies, there isn’t any body to keep the records of all the public properties in an integrated manner.

The government does not have the details of public properties at a time when the country has already adopted federalism and the provinces and local units have been authorised to use the properties under their jurisdiction at their disposal. Therefore, the Financial Comptroller General’s Office decided to collect the property details.

So far, 2270 government units have already submitted the details of public properties in the  Public Property Management System (PPMS) developed by the Financial Comptroller General’s Office.

According to Deputy Financial Comptroller General Gyanendra Poudel, a total of 1,914 units under the federal government, 288 under the provincial governments and 68 under the local units have submitted their property details. Altogether there are 5000 offices that spend government budget. All of them are required to enter their property details in the system.

Poudel informed that the remaining government units have been issued circulars to submit the property details as soon as possible.  


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