Tourism Entrepreneurs of Sauraha Announce Attractive Packages for Tourists

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Tourism Entrepreneurs of Sauraha Announce Attractive Packages for Tourists

September 28: Tourism entrepreneurs of Sauraha have announced various schemes to attract tourists as the hotel industry reopened in almost six months since the government imposed lockdown to curb coronavirus.

On the occasion of the World Tourism Day on Sunday (September 27), the hoteliers of Sauraha announced 20 to 30 percent discount to tourists.

During the programme organised to mark the World Tourism Day, chairman of the Regional Hotel Association of Sauraha Deepak Bhattarai informed that all the sectors associated with the tourism industry will be providing discounts to the visitors, reports the national news agency, RSS.

“We will unveil new packages within a week by including 20 to 30 percent discount depending on the nature of the hotel business,” RSS quoted Bhattarai as saying.

The tourism entrepreneurs of Sauraha are preparing to focus on sanitation and cleanliness in 2020 and publicity and promotion in 2021 to bring the tourism back to track by 2022.

According to RSS, Bhattarai and his associates are preparing to launch a campaign named ‘Let’s visit Chitwan’ in major cities of Nepal.

The tourism entrepreneurs are planning to sustain their businesses with the help of domestic tourists for the next two years.

Meanwhile, chairman of the Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (Reban) Dipendra Khatiwada said during the programme that the concept of two-day holiday per week would be a great respite to the tourism and hospitality industry that has been badly affected by coronavirus pandemic.

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