Money Laundering Investigation Against Agrawal Resumes

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Money Laundering Investigation Against Agrawal Resumes

September 28: The Department of Money Laundering Investigation has started additional interrogation of the operator of Shankar Group, Sulav Agrawal in connection to money laundering issue.

It may be noted that a case of blackmarketing against Agrawal is sub judice at the Kathmandu District Court.

Besides Agrawal, the department has also initiated interrogation against Shankar Lal Agrawal and Sahali Agrawal of Shankar Group.

The district court had ordered the release of Agrawal on April 30 by posting a bail amount of Rs 2.5 million until the final verdict on the black marketing case.

He was immediately rearrested by the police, this time to investigate on money laundering charges. He was handed to the Department of Money Laundering Investigation by the police for further investigation.

On the same day, the department had released Agrawal stating that it would interrogate him after the lockdown was over.

Director General of the department Rup Narayan Bhattarai informed that they have started interrogation against Agrawal and some other members of his organisation after the government eased the lockdown restrictions.

“We are currently collecting necessary information. It is not possible to divulge the details because the investigation is underway,” said Bhattarai, adding, “What I can say is that we have started investigation into the fraudulent activities of the group.”

Officials of the department said that they are collecting property details of Shankar Group and its associate companies. The department is preparing to call the chairman, director and operator of the group to record statements after they collect all the details.

The department informed that they are basically focused on the source of the group’s properties.

Agrawal was arrested red handed by undercover agents while selling thermal guns at exorbitant price when the coronavirus pandemic had just begun.


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