Foreign Technicians Stranded abroad by Covid-19 Start Returning to Work

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Foreign Technicians Stranded abroad by Covid-19 Start Returning to Work

September 27: Foreign technicians and workers, recruited for large infrastructure projects and national pride projects, have started returning to work after being stranded abroad for months due to coronavirus pandemic.

The foreign workers and technicians have started returning following the government's decision to formally allow foreign manpower involved in under construction projects to enter the country. The government on September 17 had decided to allow entry to foreign workers recruited for big infrastructure projects.

Foreign workers involved in national pride projects including Kathmandu Terai Expressway and Gautam Buddha International Airport have started to return back to Nepal. Likewise, foreign companies and consultants for other projects have also started bringing in their employees to work.

Two surveyors have returned from South Korea for the expressway being built under the management of the Nepalese Army. Spokesperson of the Nepalese Army Santosh Poudel informed that the study of tunnels, bridges and marking of roads would be intensified with the arrival of additional manpower.

According to him, the government's decision has made it easier for the consulting companies to bring in more employees as per the requirement. The Gautam Buddha International Airport Project has also started the process of bringing in 55 Chinese technicians.

Pokhara Regional International Airport is also  in need of 16 technicians from China and the project has already started necessary paperworks to bring them to Nepal. Currently, 172 Chinese workers are involved in the project.


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