Company Registrar’s Office to go Digital from August 17

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Company Registrar’s Office to go Digital from August 17

August 14: The Company Registrar’s Office has decided to digitalize its service from August 17 and provide all kinds of services to its customers through online medium.

The office had started online service seven years ago and has decided to fully adopt digital means after two weeks.

The Company Registrar’s Office has also made it mandatory for all companies that have been registered in accordance to the Companies Act 2063 to follow online registration process.

Once this new system comes into operation, all the companies have to go through online registration process. They will have to submit all the documents digitally.

Deputy Registrar at the office Tulsiram Gaire informed New Business Age that all the records will be kept electronically from August 17 onwards.

Likewise, all companies whether newly registered or old ones will have to submit their annual report and audit report through electronic means.

It is believed that the digitalization process would help in getting details of all the companies registered at the office. The number of such offices stands at around 237,000. Officials say it will be easy to update information and to access information about the board members and other office bearers of the companies, and learn about their capital once the Company Registrar’s Office goes digital.

As the government office prepares to impose online registration process, entrepreneurs complain that the registration process will be full of hassles due to technical glitches. They say that they are facing difficulty in availing online service from the office at present.

“Our fellow business entrepreneurs have been complaining about the difficulty in online registration because the website of the Company Registrar’s Office often goes down,” said Krishna Dulal, chairman of NADA, adding, “It would be commendable if the concerned authorities move ahead with this process in a well managed way.”

Meanwhile, the Company Registrar’s Office downplayed the technical problems saying that the  companies might have faced some problems because the website is being upgraded at the moment.

“The problem will be fixed in  2 to 3 days once the upgrading of the website is complete,” said Deputy Registrar Gaire.


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