Central Bank Instructs BFIs to Operate in Shift-wise Routine

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Central Bank Instructs BFIs to Operate in Shift-wise Routine

August 10: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has once again directed banks and financial institution (BFIs) to make arrangement for their employees to work from home or in shift-wise routine.

Issuing a circular on Sunday (August 9), the central bank instructed the BFIs to allow the staffers to work from home as much as possible because of high risk of coronavirus infection in Kathmandu and other districts. 

NRB has also asked the banking institutes to form a ‘business contingency plan’ to provide quality service by adopting precautionary measures during the current crisis.

In the circular, NRB has told the BFIs to divide the workers in different groups and deploy them in shift-wise routine to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infection.

The central bank noted that the employees are facing problems due to shutdown, prohibitory orders as well as odd-even number system for vehicles. Considering the adverse situation, the central bank urged the banks and financial institutions to create an environment for the staffers to work from home.

Likewise, NRB has instructed the branch offices of BFIs in provinces to operate as per the decision taken by the provincial and the local governments.

The central bank urged BFIs to promote digital transaction.



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