Shortage of Fertilizers Forces Farmers to Smuggle Urea from India

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Shortage of Fertilizers Forces Farmers to Smuggle Urea from India

August 9: The Salt Trading Corporation and Krishi Samagri Company Limited have run out of stock of chemical fertilizers due to the delay in import of fertilizers by the government. The warehouses of the two organisations, which have been authorised to supply fertilizers across the country, have become empty due to the government’s failure to import the fertilziers.

This has forced the locals of border areas to risk their lives in bringing chemical fertilizers from India amid coronavirus pandemic.

Farmers require 40,000 metric tons of urea after planting paddy. But the government organisations have already run out of stock of urea while they are left with only 13,000 metric tons of DAP and Potassium.

The entire country is reeling under shortage of chemical fertilizers as the bodies authorised to supply the fertilizers do not have any more fertilizers left. In the meantime, most of the districts that share border with India have witnessed a surge in farmers crossing the border to smuggle fertilizers despite the high risk of infection.

Chief of the Food Security Division of Province 1 Rajendra Upreti confirmed that the farmers of Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari have been importing fertilizers from India themselves.

“The farmers are risking their lives because they are left with no other option,” said Upreti.

The farmers of Western Terai including Banke, Bardiya and Kailali are also facing similar problem. Extreme shortage of urea has forced the farmers of this region to illegally import fertilizers from India.

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