Preparations Underway for 48 Domestic Flights Per Day

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Preparations Underway for 48 Domestic Flights Per Day

August 5: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has reportedly approved 48 daily flights of various airlines for domestic flights from August 17.

According to news reports, CAAN has approved 39 flights in urban areas (trunk routes) and 9 flights for remote areas (stall). As the operation of the flights has been finalised, big domestic airlines including Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, and Shree Airlines have intensified their preparations for resuming operation by adopting safety measures.

Most of the airlines have already made flight schedules and obtained approval from CAAN. However, CAAN has not yet made public any official decision in this regard.

Yograj Kandel Sharma, spokesperson of Airline Operators Association of Nepal, an umbrella organization of domestic airlines companies said that for now, 48 flights on the trunk route have been approved by the authority.

Buddha Air has received approval for 18 flights. Rupesh Joshi, Marketing Director of Buddha Air, said that all the preparations have been made for resuming operation. He informed that Buddha Air has opened ticket booking as per their plan to fly to all destinations.

Another private sector airline, Yeti Airlines has received approval to operate 11 flights. Spokesperson of the airlines Sudarshan Bartaula informed that the staff are being prepared with all kinds of exercise and health caution in line with the government’s health protocols.

Yeti airlines will operate 11 flights initially. The company said that they will gradually add flights depending on the situation.

Similarly, Shree Airlines, which has received eight flight permit, is also preparing for safe flights. Anil Manandhar, institutional manager of the company, said that all preparations for resuming flights have been made.

Moreover, Sita and Sumit Airlines have received permission for three flights per day while Simrik Airline has received permission to operate two flights a day. The flight for Saurya Airline has not been confirmed as the aircraft of the company is grounded.


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