Price of Gold Crosses Rs 100,000 Mark

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Price of Gold Crosses Rs 100,000 Mark

August 5: The price of gold has crossed the mark of Rs 100,000 per tola (11 grams approximately) for the first time in the country. Fine gold in being traded for a record high price of Rs 101,400 per 11 grams, according to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Association.

The new price on Wednesday (August 5) is an overnight increase of Rs 1600 per 11 grams.

The price of gold in the domestic market on Tuesday was Rs 99,800 per tola.

Meanwhile, silver is being traded for Rs 1295 per 11 grams, Rs 65 up from Rs 1230 per a day ago.

Gold dealers say that the price of the precious yellow metal is steadily rising due to the high demand for gold in the international market.

It is said that investors are interested in gold to secure their investment in the international market amid risks of coronavirus pandemic.



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