Health Experts Urge Government to Impose Lockdown and Curfew if Required

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Health Experts Urge Government to Impose Lockdown and Curfew if Required

August 5: Health experts have suggested the government to take the issue of coronavirus seriously as the infection has been spreading rapidly after the government lifted the lockdown.

The experts warned the government during a meeting with stakeholders at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence in Baluwatar Tuesday (August 4) that the pandemic is likely to inflict heavy losses if adequate measures are not taken promptly. They urged the government to impose strict measures in places with high rate of infection.

They recommended the government to either adopt strict measures in high-risk areas or to impose lockdown for another two weeks to stem the spread of the deadly disease. They suggested the government to impose curfew if necessary and seal the affected areas completely. They also urged the government not to allow entry of any foreign nationals into the country.

The government had lifted the four-month long lockdown imposed on March 24 about two weeks ago. Cases of coronavirus have been increasing rapidly after the government lifted the lockdown. Stating that the coronavirus pandemic would take a dangerous form if the current situation persists, the health experts urged the government to take strict and effective measures to curb the disease.

The experts concluded that the public has not been adopting necessary precautionary measures while the government’s decision to downplay the seriousness of the issue has further heightened the risk of disease transmission.

Public health expert Dr Sameer Mani Dixit informed that they suggested the government to adopt strict measures in areas with high rate of infection and to ease the restrictions where the situation is normal.

“We have urged the government to impose or lift the restriction considering the situation and the extent of infection in any particular area,” said Dr Dixit, adding that majority of health  experts recommended the government to increase the number of tests.

“Lockdown is the best measure to curb the spread of infection,” he added.

Another health expert Dr Rabindra Pandey suggested the government to control the flow of people from infected areas. He also urged the government to ensure that precautionary measures and health standards are met at the formal sector and physical distance maintained at workplace.

According to Dr Pandey, the prime minister has pledged to discuss the suggestions of the experts at the Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) meeting and the cabinet and then take action accordingly.


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