Budget Arrangements Inadequate for Economic Recovery: CNI

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Budget Arrangements Inadequate for Economic Recovery: CNI

The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) has said that the relief measures announced in the Federal Budget for FY2020/21 are inadequate to kickstart the economic recovery. Unveiling the post-webinar report of the ‘CNI- Economic Survival Series’ virtually on June 1 jointly with senior financial journalists, CNI President Satish Kumar Moore urged the government to come up with a comprehensive stimulus to take the Covid-19 pandemic-stricken economy out of the slump.

CNI had organised the webinar Economic Survival Series from May 18-21 hosting panel discussions on various important topics of economic recovery. The report comprises of conclusions of the discussions and views of experts who participated in the programme. According to Moore, the conclusion of the post-webinar report is to initiate active cooperation of all stakeholders to face the economic headwinds created by the global health emergency.  Speaking on the occasion, Nirvana Chaudhary, vice president of CNI said, “On the basis of suggestions made by the experts during the webinar, the report has incorporated recommendations to face the economic crisis and save the country’s economy by introducing short-term and long-term policy arrangements.”

Vishnu Agrawal, senior vice president of CNI said that the report will help the government and the stakeholders to move towards economic recovery facing the Covid-19 crisis. CNI has informed that it will present the report to the concerned government authorities.

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