Economy will be Revitalized Amid Lockdown: Minister Khatiwada

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Economy will be Revitalized Amid Lockdown: Minister Khatiwada

May 12: Minister for Finance Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwa has said that the country’s economy will be revitalized amid the lockdown in effect since March 24 to protect the lives of people from COVID-19. In the pre-budget discussion in Monday’s meeting of National Assembly, Minister Khatiwada said that the government was moving towards the direction to forward the economic activities to save lives of people.    

Responding to the queries of the parliamentarians, Minister Khatiwada said that the new budget will help bolster coordination among the three-tier governments since the federal government acknowledged that more authority should be given to the local units.    
Stating that the local units had actively performed in prevention and control of COVID-19 and treat the infected ones thereby proving the importance of federalism, Khatiwada assured that the government would take into account the parliamentarians’ suggestions to prioritize agriculture sector and health sector while formulating the budget.    
According to him, all the recommendations given by the parliamentarians would be taken as guidance while formulating the budget.    
Furthermore, the finance minister assured that no Nepali citizen abroad would be left stranded and any possible support would be extended to them through diplomatic channel but when it comes to opening the borders with our immediate neighbours it could spell disaster in terms of infection and its spread.    
The NA shall next meeting on May 13, Wednesday. -- RSS 

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