11 Construction Companies Penalized for Failing to Meet Deadline

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11 Construction Companies Penalized for Failing to Meet Deadline

January 17: A total of eleven companies have been penalized for not completing the construction of infrastructure projects on time. These companies held the contracts for construction of various roads and bridges in Kanchanpur and Kailali but failed to meet the deadlines, according to Division Road Office (DRO), Mahendranagar.

These companies include Rajendra KS Aashish JV, Thegim Galwa JV, Thegim Royal Saun JV, KS Teddy JV, Uchakoti Construction Service, Jagriti Construction Service, Bhauneli Construction Service, RB Construction, Deep Tamakoshi Construction, Uchakoti Sajendreshwor JV and Dunga Gholdangi Construction Service.

“These companies did not complete their contracted work within the deadline,” said Laxman Datta Joshi, information officer of Road Division, Kanchanpur, “That is why, these companies have been fined and have been instructed to finish the work.”

Joshi informed, “The companies should the road division of any problems that may prevent them from completing their work on time.” He further added, “In such cases, the deadline may be postponed and the contractors may be given some extra time to complete their work.”

“If the work is not completed within the extra time too, then the contractors will be fined an amount of 0.05 percent of their contract per day,” he said. “The fine will be deducted from their contract payments.”

Rajendra KS Aashish JV has been fined the most amount. It had been contracted to repair the 68 kilometer road section from Godawari to Faltude within the East-West highway. But, failing to meet the deadline, the company has been fined Rs 6,293,991.

“We have collected billions of rupees in fines only from delayed projects,” stated Joshi.

There is a growing sentiment among people that the companies that fail to fulfill their responsibilities should be penalized.

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