Containers Piled up at Kolkata Port due to Lockdown

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Containers Piled up at Kolkata Port due to Lockdown

May 3: Nepal-bound Cargo containers at the Kolkata Port of India are pilled up and stuck on the port premises due to the ongoing lockdown in Nepal and India.

Containers have piled up at the Kolkata port as road transportation has been affected by the lockdown.

The Kolkata Port Trust is preparing to send such containers to the nearest Container Freight Station (CFS).

The port issuing a press statement informed that the containers would be sent to the CFS.

Himanshu Shekhar, the port traffic manager at Kolkata Port, informed New Business Age that many containers that arrived at the port before the lockdown have even not been picked up. “This has caused stockpiling of goods at the port itself. The containers are being sent elsewhere for management,” he informed.

Importers will have to pay up to Rs 6,000 for a 20-foot container and up to Rs 8,000 for a 40-foot container for placing containers in CFS. Currently there is lockdown in India till May 3.

However, the importers will not have to pay penalty and additional charges to CFS for the next 15 days (May 18), sates the notice issued by the port.

The port administration is only sending the containers to CFS which were unloaded at the port as of April 23.





















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