Paragliding World Cup 'Asian Tour' in Pokhara

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Paragliding World Cup 'Asian Tour' in Pokhara

January 16: The Paragliding World Cup ‘Asian Tour’ and the 19th Nepal Open Paragliding Championship is scheduled to be held in Pokhara from February 23 to 29.

A total of 125 participants from 30 nations will compete in the tournament being organized by Nepal Air Sports Association (NASA) and Nepal Paragliding and Hand gliding Association in collaboration with the Federation of Aeronautics International (FAI).

Yogesh Bhattarai, president of Nepal Air Sports Association and coordinator of the tour informed that three paragliding tours will be held in 2020 aiming to qualify the Asian paragliding players directly into the super finals of the paragliding world cup and first the tour will be held in Pokhara. The venue of the remaining two tours will take place in two other countries based on demand.

Currently, very few Asian participants have been taking part in the world cup and the tour will help to increase such participation, Bhattrai informed.   

On the basis of points and rankings from the three Asian tours, as many as eight participants will have their place secured for the upcoming super final of the 2021 Paragliding World Cup. However, the world cup committee will determine the total number of participants for the super final.

The Asian Paragliding Tour through the adventurous sport of paragliding is expected to boost the tourism promotion of Nepal and help the Visit Nepal 2020 to succeed.

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