Cabinet Endorse Electricity Bill

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Cabinet Endorse Electricity Bill

April 24: Hydropower companies no longer require separate licenses for survey and generation of electricity provided that the new law is endorsed by the parliament.

The council of ministers has scrapped the provision of two separate licenses for the hydropower companies. A recent cabinet meeting took a decision to this effect by endorsing the Electricity Bill 2077. However, the bill is yet to be endorsed by the House of Representatives and the National Assembly.

According to the proposed bill, hydropower companies can now acquire a single license for survey and electricity generation.

In the bill also proposes issuing such license only on the basis of competition.

According to the bill, all three levels of government will be eligible to grant the permits for generating electricity. The local government will be eligible to issue license for hydropower projects generating up to 3 MW of electricity and the state government will be allowed to permit license for projects generating up to 3-20 MW of electricity.





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