Govt Preparing Recovery Plans to Reduce Impacts of COVID-19: Finance Minister

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Govt Preparing Recovery Plans to Reduce Impacts of COVID-19: Finance Minister

April 20: The government has said it is preparing recovery plans to reduce the impacts of the nationwide lockdown on the country’s economy, the national news agency RSS reported.

Finance Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada, who is also the government spokesperson, reportedly said that the government has been making plans to recover economy from the lockdown order, taking into consideration that trade and economic activities have been halted in the present context.   

 Dr Khatiwada added that those plans include revitalizing the economy from the current stalemate.    
The finance minister made such remark during a meeting with the office-bearers of Nepal Chamber of Commerce on Sunday.

He said  that the government was working to bring in investment, issue approval for new investments, resolve the problems seen in investment implementation and reduce the unproductive expenses by creating situation for mobilization of cash.    
Dr Khatiwada expressed his view that the situation is still not favourable to open the international borders and resume flights but hinted that the government could relax business activities and regional mobility.

He said that the government was doing homework to this end.

“We are thinking to relax business activities and regional mobility,” RSS quoted Minister Khatiwada as saying.    
During the meeting, he also said that the state coffers were not in a comfortable position as the areas of expenses have increased while the sources of revenue collections were limited due to the impact of coronavirus.

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