NHRC asks Government to Ensure Citizen’s Right to Health

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NHRC asks Government to Ensure Citizen’s Right to Health

April 6: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to ensure health-related rights of every citizen by making arrangements for treatments of patients suffering from all types of serious diseases including coronavirus.    
Issuing a press release on Sunday, NHRC Spokesperson Bed Prasad Bhattarai asked the government, health workers and health institutions to guarantee the citizens’ right to get all types of health care services including emergency ones.    
The NHRC wants to be assured over the issues including guarantee of health security of all health workers, supply of personal safety measures to ambulance drivers and security personnel and continuity in their services, according to the statement.    
Likewise, NHRC said its serious attention was drawn towards the news about a woman’s death at Biratnagar-based Neuro Hospital, Birat Nursing Home and Nobel Hospital for lack of treatment and sending the patients by hospitals after closing their OPD services.    
As per the complaints received by the NHRC and its monitoring, the NHRC found that patients suffering from kidney related disease, cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes, hypertension and mental disease were facing problems in their treatment as well as insufficient amount of medicines. -- RSS

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