Consumers Facing Difficulty to get Daily Essentials

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Consumers Facing Difficulty to get Daily Essentials

April 3:  Consumers have complained of difficulties in getting daily essentials due to the shortage in the market following the lockdown imposed by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus.    
Doma Sherpa of Mahankal in Kathmandu Metropolitan City said that they have been facing difficulty to get daily essentials including sugar, salt, rice and vegetables in the market despite looking for it in the market. Sherpa added even shopkeepers operating during morning and evening are also running out the stock of daily essentials.    
A shopkeeper Madan Shrestha said that it was challenging to bring goods from wholesale. He added it would not be a problem for him to sell goods to consumers if he gets goods for his shop.    
Though the government had announced to ask the department stores to deliver goods to the customers’ doorsteps, it has not been effective. -- RSS

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