Supreme Court Quashes Petition Against Embossed Number Plate

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Supreme Court Quashes Petition Against Embossed Number Plate

December 15: The Supreme Court has quashed a writ petition filed against the use of embossed number plate on vehicles. This has resumed the process of changing the number plates of vehicles which had remained stalled since two years since the petitioner had moved the apex court.

A full bench of Supreme Court justices led by Chief Justice Cholendra SJB Rana and other four justices quashed the petition on Friday to allow the process of fixing embossed number plates on vehicles.

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) had initiated the process of replacing the normal number plates with embossed number plates for proper management of vehicles. Such number plates are made using high-standard technology and have GPS tracking system to ensure safety of vehicles in case of theft, the department has maintained.

The department has signed a deal worth Rs 4.78 billion with a Bangladeshi company named Decatur Tiger in May/June 2017 for replacing old number plates with embossed number plates. The department had even started replacing new number plates two months later but the process came to a halt after the Supreme Court issued an interim order to halt the process after a petition was file at the court.

The company was supposed to produce 2.5 million embossed number plates within five years as per the agreement. But  the process was halted with the company preparing just 600 embossed number plates within the initial six months.

Advocates Bharat Kumar Basnet and Rajan Burlakoti had moved the Supreme Court against the embossed number plate arguing that the English letters used in the number plate is against the constitutional provision of using Devnagari language for official business of the government.

Gogan Bahadur Hamal, chief of the DoTM, informed New Business Age that they will resume the work after receiving full text from the Supreme Court.