Covid-19 Outbreak in India causes Influx of Homebound Nepali Workers and Students

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Covid-19 Outbreak in India causes Influx of Homebound Nepali Workers and Students

March 22: The number of Nepali nationals, mostly migrant workers, returning from across the border in India is increasing day by day amid concerns of coronavirus infection. Large number of Nepali migrant workers and students have started returning from India, which is grappling with COVID-19 outbreak. India has imposed a 14-hour curfew on Sunday to test the effectiveness of the draconian rule that has proved to be effective in containing the deadly virus in China, where the disease is believed to have originated in late December last year.

It has become a great challenge for the health officials stationed at the border check points to assess the health condition of a large number of people returning home from India.

On Saturday, more than 18,000 people entered Nepal from the Rani transit point in Biratnagar alone. Nepal Police and Armed Police Force helped in crowd management as the health workers screened the people entering Nepal.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, a health worker at Rani transit point, says that they have been lenient in allowing the mass to enter Nepal as they are sent across the border after screening by the Indian officials.

According to the officials, around 14,000 people entered Nepal from Gaddachauki check post in Kanchanpur district. There was a large gathering at the check point since early morning on Saturday.

Chief District Officer of Kanchanpur Narahari Khatiwada said that the lack of adequate health officials had caused some problems in crowd management at the check point in the morning but the situation was brought under control after mobilizing police and APF later in the day. Likewise, around 4000 people entered Nepal from Gauriphanta check point on Saturday.

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