4.3 Million People Using 4G Internet Service in Nepal

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4.3 Million People Using 4G Internet Service in Nepal

December 15: The number of 4G internet service users in Nepal has reached 4.3 million within three years since it was first introduced in the country.

According to the latest update of Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), there are around 43,55,000 users of the high-speed mobile internet service provided by Ncell, Nepal Telecom and Smart Telecom.

Although Nepal Telecom was the first to launch the 4G service in Nepal, Ncell has more customers than the state-owned telecom company. Ncell has almost four times more 4G users than Nepal Telecom.

According to data provided by the telecommunication authority, Ncell has 32,92,000 4G users while the number of 4G users of Nepal Telecom is 834,000.

Nepal Telecom had introduced 4G service on January 1, 2017 while Ncell had started the service six months later.  But Nepal Telecom is lagging far behind Ncell in expanding its 4G network. Nepal Telecom recently expanded its 4G service in 50 cities of 32 districts across the country.

NTA Spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal said that the actual number of 4G users might be even more as they are yet to collect recent data.

Meanwhile, the total number of broadband internet users in the country has reached 1,94,40,873. Most of the Internet users in Nepal are 3G users, according to NTA.  Around 78 percent of internet users in Nepal use mobile internet service while 21 percent use fixed wire internet service.

Likewise, the number of SIM cards issued by the telecom companies has crossed the mark of 41.9 million.

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