Bandipur Waives 50% Tax for Business Firms   

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Bandipur Waives 50% Tax for Business Firms   

March 22: Bandipur Rural Municipality in Tanahun district has announced to waive 50 per cent tax to the commercial firms after the business enterprises suffered from the effects of COVID-19.    
The rural municipality's decision on tax exemption would be in force for the fiscal year 2076/077.    
With the announcement of the local government, the entrepreneurs here have expressed happiness calling it a 'welcome step'.    
Chairman of Tanahun Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Bandipur, Baisha Gurung said that the move to exempt tax to the business firms would act as a relief to the business people.    
Despite being a tourist season, tourist arrival in Bandipur is almost nil owing to Covid-19 fears.    
Hotelier Basanta Poudel said that the rural municipality's decision would be a small sigh of relief as they are struggling even to pay the interest to the bank due to slowdown in business.    
Likewise, vice-chair of rural municipality Karuna Gurung said that the step was taken to stop the business people from being discouraged amid the threat of coronavirus outbreak.    
She said that the rural municipality has also requested to the financial institutions to lower the interest rates and the house owners to ensure subsidy in house rent.  - RSS 

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