Government’s Investment in 8 Different Sectors is Rs 544 billion

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Government’s Investment in 8 Different Sectors is Rs 544 billion

December 10: The government’s investment in eight different sectors has reached Rs 544 billion. The government has invested the amount in 123 institutions including industries, businesses, service sector among others.

According to the Financial Comptroller General’s Office, the government has invested in shares and also made loan investment worth Rs 20.8 billion in34 different industries within the country. Out of the total amount invested in industries, the government has spent Rs 7.98 in shares and the remaining 12.82 in loan.

Some of the industries running on government investment are Raghupati Jute Mill, Butwal Textile Industry, Dhankuta Suti Industry, Hetauda Textile Industry among others.

In the business sector, the government has invested Rs14 billion in 17 different enterprises. Nepal Food Corporation, Nepal Oil Corporation, Jute Development and Trading Company are some of the business enterprises run by the government.

Likewise, the government has invested a massive amount of Rs 72.4 billion in the service sector. Some of the service providers operated by the government include Nepal Airlines Corporation, Sajha Yatayat, Nepal Yatayat.

The government has poured in Rs 5.96 billion in Gorkhapatra Corporation, Nepal Television, Janak Education Material Centre and other institutions in the social sector.

Likewise, the government’s investment in 11 organisations including Nepal Electricity Authority, Butwal Power Company, Melamchi Water Supply Project, Nepal Telecom is Rs 349 billion including shares worth Rs 150 billion and loan investment of Rs 119 billion.

The government’s investment in the financial sector is Rs 62.8 billion.


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